Clerical Service

Over 120 law firms are currently using this service on a daily basis.
Every morning we pick up work from your office. We do all of your filing in downtown Buffalo, deliveries, record searching, having orders signed, making bank deposits and much more. Your secretary never has to leave the office. You don't need to hire a filing clerk. And most important of all, YOU don't have to leave the office as often. This means more attention to your clients and more billable time.

Our fee for our clerical service is
$45.00 for occasional use
$150.00 per month. This covers your first 20 services per month. If you happen to use more than 20 services, each additional service is $3.75.

1) Have delivered by a delivery service. Such as One Two Three Delivery 633-1234, Dan's Delivery 634-2671, No Problem Delivery 693-5500, Prestige Delivery 892-4485, Can Am Courier 835-5553, ASAP Delivery 834-2727 or (our favorite) All Points Courier 629-6464. The fee from Amherst to us is between $12.00 and $18.00 depending on which delivery service you call and when you want the pick up / delivery done.
2) Mail your work to us.
3) Have someone stop at our office and drop it off (we are right next to the courthouse).